Medical Oncology Associates of Wyoming Valley, P.C. has been providing medical oncology and hematology care and services to residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1977.

Our caring, board certified physicians, and nurse practitioners, diagnose and treat patients with malignant diseases and blood disorders. Our staff is knowledgeable, responsive, and committed to providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment of our patients. Infusion therapy is administered by our qualified, compassionate oncology nurses in our infusion suite, which is designed for maximum patient comfort. Our laboratory staff is efficient, conducting testing on-site. As part of our holistic approach to treatment, we offer counseling for individuals and families through our affiliation with Pierce Counseling Associates, P.C.

Our Mission

At Medical Oncology Associates, our mission is to provide exceptional, innovative, and compassionate hematologic and oncologic care to residents of northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond; to support and encourage our patients and their families in navigating diagnosis, treatment, and recovery; to provide psychosocial support to our patients and their families; to foster a sense of community among cancer patients; and to provide educational opportunities and materials, and wellness programs for our patients and their families.

Our Services

  • Infusion therapy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Educational materials about diagnoses, treatment options, side effects, and proper nutrition
  • A lending library of books, periodicals, movies, and tapes
  • Support groups
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Exercise and mobility classes
  • Information on community resources
  • Information on patient assistance programs
  • Information on available clinical trials
  • A comfortable waiting area, including a children’s waiting room
  • Off-street parking
  • Flu Vaccines